Turning off the diesel particle filter DPF and SCR system - Perkins 1200 series engines

Defective NOx sensor? Burnt heater? Pump stopped dosing urea? Has the engine lost power and the control light from the emission? The SCR emulator will remove any problems resulting from the emission reduction system failure!

The emulator switches off components such as:

- AdBlue pump,

- nitric oxide sensors NOx,

- temperature sensors, etc.

- dispenser strip

- diesel particle filter DPF

After repair the system does not report errors.
There is no torque limitation.

Below there is an example of DPF and SCR removal
Forest tractor ORVEX LT-100 is equipped with Perkins engine model 1204F rated at 106kW meeting EU Stage IV/U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final.


Below there is an example of SCR removal
Drill ROTOMAX XL GTC is equipped with Perkins engine model 1204F equipped with NH3 sensor.

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