Tier 4 Final / Stage IV - machine fitted with DPF and DEF/SCR(AdBlue) system

Volvo engines have a exhaust gas cleaning system equipped with a DPF filter and SCR(DEF/AdBlue SCR), which are supervised by the ACM (Aftertreatment Control Module). The emulator simulates the operation of a fully functioning particle filter (DPF), SCR and ACM.
When connecting the emulator, remove the particle filter or remove the cartridge from the original catalytic converter. The engine recovers power and does not signal an exhaust system failure.

We have the solution for all Volvo Final Tier 4 / StageIV loaders
Volvo loaders are equipped with Volvo: D4, D6, D8, D11, D13 lub D16 

Interim Tier 4 / Stage IIIB - machine fitted with DPF only

One of our flagship products is the DPF filter emulator for all of the Vovo wheel loaders G series:

L350G, L250G, L220G, L180G, L150G, L120G, L110G, L90G, L70G, L60G, L50G, L45G, L35G, L30G L25G, L20G.

Removing the diesel particulate filter in Volvo loaders is completely safe, without the need for intervention in a ECU. Repair can be made at the workplace without the need for long and costly downtime.

Volvo L180 wheel loaders are one of the most popular loaders in Europe - L150 and L220 models in the same series. The loaders feature six-cylinder VOLVO D13H-F \ D13H-E six-cylinder engines of 300 hp to 373 hp rated to Stage IIIb \ Tier 4i with a capacity of 12.8L. The unit has four pinion valves, an upper camshaft and electronically controlled pump injectors. Vehicles are equipped with a cooled exhaust gas recirculation system and an actively regenerated DPF filter, which incorporates an oxidation catalyst and afterburner.