Tier 4 Final / Stage IV - machine fitted with DPF and DEF/SCR(AdBlue) system

Volvo Penta engines have a exhaust gas cleaning system equipped with a DPF filter and SCR(DEF/AdBlue SCR), which are supervised by the ACM (Aftertreatment Control Module). The emulator simulates the operation of a fully functioning particle filter (DPF), SCR and ACM.
When connecting the emulator, remove the particle filter or remove the cartridge from the original catalytic converter. The engine recovers power and does not signal an exhaust system failure.
The emulator is embedded into ACM connector making the solution fully PLUG&PLAY.

We have the solution for all Volvo Penta Tier 4 Final / StageIV engines.
Below are the photos of emulator installation in McCloskey J45 Crusher.


 We are not an authorized VOLVO distributor and our product is not associated with VOLVO in any way.