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What is a DPF filter ?



Diesel particulate filter, DPF ( fr. filtre a particules, FAP) - This is a filter in the exhaust system of vehicles with diesel engine meeting EURO 4 and above. It is designed to clean particulate matter (ash and soot). The above-mentioned filter is often linked with the catalyst.

The design of the particulate filter is to provide as much space as possible on which the soot and ash are deposited. Capturing all the time while driving, all these impurities accumulate in them, which is constantly associated with a reduction in its performance in terms of exhaust flow. When the level of its efficiency falls to a certain value, the engine controller (ECU) begins to regenerate the filter. It involves injecting fuel into the exhaust system (or adding fuel directly to the cylinder) to increase the exhaust temperature and burn out previously accumulated particles.

It is worth mentioning that when the regeneration of the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder, the fuel flows through the rings together with the engine oil into the oil pan. This results in a deterioration in engine oil properties and an increase in engine oil level.

Even if the vehicle performs a proper regeneration of the filter, it still obstructs the filter and consequently leads to continuous regeneration and subsequent failure of the filter. Replacement of the DPF filter involves costly repairs. These costs can be omitted using the DPF emulato