Turning off the SCR dispensing system in a DAF XF truck


Installation of the emulator is reduced to the connection of the power supply and the CAN bus.
The device pretends to operate a correctly functioning urea dosing system like:

- AdBlue pump,
- temperature sensors,
- NOx sensors,
- urea injector,
- fluid tank sensors.

After mounting the emulator, disconnect the power supply from the SCR pump and from the NOx sensor / sensors (if any) or remove the fuse / fuses.

The work of the emulator reveals itself:

- Lack of flashing / glowing lights from emissions,
- No power limitation due to SCR failure,
- Displaying on the dashboard the level of liquid (urea) in the tank (75% of filling),
- The diagnostic tester indicates a properly functioning exhaust emission reduction system.


According to the information provided to us by our customers, switching off the SCR system reduces the fuel consumption of DAF trucks by up to several liters.