Disabling AdBlue dosing system (SCR) in Renault Premium (Magnum Midlum) Truck.

Disabling SCR system using emulator installed in version mounted to AdBlue pump.


Removing the SCR system is started by unscrewing the cover located on the SCR pump. This cap protects the electronics of the pump against atmospheric conditions. After removing the cover, access to the original pump electronics was obtained. Unscrewing the two successive screws allowed the mechanic to pull out the circuit.


Original electronics housed in the SCR pump housing.


Original SCR electronics are replaced with a pump-mounted emulator. The emulator has mounting brackets and a connector like the original electronics from the SCR module. Installation consists of replacing the motherboard into an emulator.

Finally, the casing is tightly closed with the original lid.


Pressing the acceleration pedal for 5 seconds while the ignition is turned on, causes the car to turn off the error lights and erases the active faults. Deleting those errors will remove the power limit (torque) in the presented Renault car. The problem of power limitation caused by errors from the emission reduction system has not returned yet.

In the future, the erase function can also be used to erase other errors! Just turn on the ignition, press the gas pedal and wait 5 seconds. The device will erase errors from all modules - including eg speed errors in the ABS or in the gearbox.