Disabling SCR system in Volvo FH440 Truck


This time we've fixed a Volvo FH440 truck. A truck that was mainly used on construction site, which further contributed to the shortening of the life of the AdBlue dosing system.


The emulator has been programmed and connected to the truck's network. Now you can for example unplug the plug from the SCR pump. You can also dismantle the whole SCR system. This will not cause an error in the ECU. In vehicles with NOx sensor, you can also remove the sensor.


Pressing the acceleration pedal for 5 seconds while the ignition is turned on, causes the car to turn off the fault lights and erase the errors. Deleting errors will remove the torque limit. The problem of power limitation caused by errors from the emission reduction system has not returned yet.


The vehicle displays vehicle identification data ie VIN, program code, software version - such as the original SCR pump during diagnostics. Data is generated when the device is first connected.

The diagnostic tester also does not display errors.